Diane Goldstein - The H.B. Spear Award for Achievement in the Field of Law Enforcement

This award is given to those involved in law enforcement who have demonstrated a balanced regard for the needs of enforcement and human compassion.

Diane Goldstein

Diane Goldstein is an executive board member for the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. She spent 21 years with the Redondo Beach Police Department working assignments including drugs and gangs. Both her professional experience and the death of her brother from a drug overdose inspired her to turn grief into activism. She's made invaluable contributions to local and national discourses on drug policy and criminal justice reform as a spokesperson with a distinguished law enforcement career, and as a fierce harm-reduction advocate who believes that drug policies should be based on compassion and human rights. Most recently, she helped to support the opening of the first syringe exchange program in Orange County and trains people who use drugs to use life-saving naloxone. She played a critical role in passing major reforms in California, including marijuana legalization and a bill limiting the use of civil asset forfeiture.