The Reform Conference is pleased to offer scholarship assistance to allow a diverse group of people to attend the 2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Denver, Colorado. We always receive many more requests than we can accommodate, so please continue your search for alternate funding.

In order to receive a scholarship, applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Live in the United States. 
  • Be in need of financial assistance to attend.
  • Are in a position to clearly benefit from going to the conference, with a solid potential to take home new knowledge, skills and contacts that will benefit their local work.
  • Are able to cover at least part of their costs.

One cost that we expect all scholarship applicants to cover is $50 toward their conference registration. This $50 is collected as part of the scholarship application process. If your application is accepted, the $50 will be credited to your registration fee. If you are denied a scholarship we will refund $40 of the $50 fee - the $10 is an administrative cost.

Ready to apply? Start your application now!
If you have applied for a National Scholarship to attend the Reform Conference, please excuse our delay in responding. The original deadline for National Scholarship decisions was August 27th, but our review process has taken longer than anticipated. Please expect to hear from us early next week. Thank you for your interest in attending the conference.

National Scholarship applications close: August 2, 2013

For questions about the national scholarship application process, please contact Stephanie Polito,

Are You an International Attendee Looking for Scholarship Assistance?

The Reform Conference is pleased to announce that international scholarship funds are now available to enable international reformers to attend this year’s conference. Please note that these scholarships are not intended to cover the full cost of attending the conference and successful applicants will be expected to make a contribution to their own expenses. Please contact Zara Snapp,, for further instruction on how to apply.

International Scholarship applications close: July 31, 2013

Would You Like to Be a Scholarship Supporter?

Some organizations and individuals show their support by underwriting the registration feeds, travel costs and / or lodging for those that may not have the resources to send people to this important meeting.
No amount is too large or small to be a help! Although general gifts are most helpful, if you would like to dedicate your funding toward a specific group of people or region, we can ensure your funds are matched to the right applicants. For more information please contact Stefanie Jones, Event Manager, at
You can also support the conference as a Sponsor, Exhibitor, Advertiser or Partner.